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About Counselling/Psychotherapy. Georgina Grout-Smith

About Counselling and Psychotherapy

"In meeting people in the depths of their beings, we can facilitate movement towards a life based in hope freedom and compassion, and grow a trust that difficulty can be faced and lead to growth. (Music, 2019)

Counselling and or Psychotherapy can be the key to making sense of difficult feelings and challenging experiences

The purpose of therapy is to help you become more aware of, understand and organise your feelings and thinking in a way that enhances your self-esteem and sense of balance. Often a sense of imbalance, negative feelings, critical thoughts, old patterns and poor management of feelings and behaviours that we would like to change hamper our health and development. Bringing new awareness to these patterns, feelings and thoughts will help promote a better understanding of them then facilitate their change. This in turn can support improvements in our sense of self, purpose, behaviours and general health.

  My Therapeutic Approach

Working within a framework of Transpersonal and Integrative methods I offer clients a range of practices and tools that endeavor to best suit their needs. These may include a combination of talking therapy, CBT, mindfulness, guided visualisation, gestalt movement, dream-work, art, sandplay and other creative therapies. I aim to be empathic and understanding, although I may at times challenge your ways of thinking, the intention is not to be judgmental, but to accompany you as you confront your problems or issues.

Neuroplasticity - The Science Bit !

The empathic relationship between the therapist and the client facilitates changes within the structure and organisation of the brain. The brain forms new connections and pathways and changes how its circuits are wired. Neurogenisis is the amazing ability of the brain to grow new neurons that can respond to our changing needs. My understanding and knowledge of Neuroscience underpins my therapeutic approach.

I also believe that every adult, child, young person and family are unique therefore I attune to the individual needs of each client to enable them to facilitate change.

Please contact me to find out how counselling or psychotherapy can support you, your child or family's needs.

I am a qualified Psychotherapist with an MA in Child Adolescent and Family Psychotherapy, I also hold a Diploma in Sand Tray Studies.

I am registered candidate with UKCP, a member of BACP.

I hold ICO registration to protect your data



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